My Curated Thanksgiving Day Dinner--A Food List

This year I am giving in to the power of a holiday.

All of the day-long or weekend-long cooking shows with a Christmas or Easter or St. Patrick's Day or Thanksgiving theme have never been popular at my house. Then there's the Top Ten or Five You Won't Want to Miss or Twelve Holiday Food Hacks or Your Favorite Celebrities Cook at Home lists that we are reminded we cannot live without! My husband and I have our traditions and traditional foods for each holiday, so we've never needed someone to come up with ideas for a million different sides or yet another way to brine and baste and roast a turkey! But, because my cooking coaching clients admit to needing a lot of help, I've decided to give in to the theme trend. So, here is my first curated Thanksgiving Day Dinner LIST to help you in planning what you'll be cooking this year.

There are enough sides on my list to fill up a rhinoceros, but you're not a rhinoceros, so pick two or three for your table and email one or two to that friend or family member who is eating gluten- or dairy-free. They need tasty side dishes too!

After perusing cookbooks and scouring the internet, here are the options that I've assembled for you to choose from for your Thanksgiving day table:

THE SIDES (the best part)

I redirect you to my own healthy holiday finger foods to keep hungry tummies from growling while we wait for all of the turkey-slicing and water-pouring and cork-popping. My favorite is the Texas Hummus made with pre-cooked pinto beans. It's the tastiest and easiest thing you'll dish out this Thanksgiving!