Thursday, July 3, 2014

Food Blog & My 100,000 Plus Views: A History

I'd like to introduce you to the starting point of my blogging journey. Courtesy of the talented and generous Maura O'Connell, I got hooked on sharing my recipes and on blogging on her website's community pages. To date, I've had well over 100,000 views of my beginner food blog (118,611 to be completely accurate).

While I'm beginning to update recipes from that site and post them here, I am eternally grateful to Maura and to her webmaster husband for opening up their "home", allowing us all to learn and grow with the internet while we were growing a community around our shared love of Maura's singing and live performances. If you've enjoyed any of my recipes or the stories that I've shared with you, I recommend that you trust my musical taste and visit Maura's website. If you're so inclined, you might even buy a CD.
When it was first released, I wrote a review of Maura's last CD. You can read it on, if you are so inclined.

Thank you, Maura, for being such a genuine and generous person. If I'm ever in Nashville again, I promise to impose myself on you and your family. I'll be bringing gift of wine and food, of course.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Breaking Breakfast Rules

Breaking the rules is just another way of breaking out of the box, coloring outside the lines or not conforming to popular standards, am I right? Of course, I'm right, silly!

Standard Breakfast: Eggs, potatoes, grits, toast, pancakes, syrup, sausage, bacon, cereal, porridge. Got it. Love all of these things.

Confession: Today I broke the breakfast rules.

Leftover lentil salad topped with a beautiful soft-boiled egg and a few crumbles of blue cheese. It was delicious and loaded with nutritional goodness. It was also easy to prepare, pack and take to work with me. While my 3-minute egg was cooking, I scooped lentil salad into a portable container and sprinkled with the crumbled cheese. Timer goes off, egg goes under cold running water. I peeled my egg, placed it on the lentils, dusted with black pepper and salt and gently broke in two. All done in just enough time to take my laptop to the car, drink a glass of water, wash up the coffee cups, pack my lunch and kiss my sweet husband on the cheek.

Go on, see how you can break the rules today. You've had breakfast for dinner before (everyone has), so you already know how. Maybe dinner will be a picnic? for thought, sho' 'nough!