Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The BEST Pancake Recipe

Yes, the best...and easiest and most delicious. They even taste good without syrup!

Today is National Pancake Day, as if we needed a reason to eat pancakes.

This recipe will yield about 30 pancakes. Follow the directions exactly, and you'll have perfect results every time. For example, this recipe uses oil to cook the pancakes. Use the oil! Don't make the mistake of thinking they'll be better with butter. Wrong. The reason the edges get a little crispy is because of the oil on the griddle. Don't add vanilla or change up the flour or sprinkle in coconut or chocolate chips. These pancakes are perfect just the way they are.

Top off these beauties with butter and a good maple syrup, and you've got something to celebrate!

This is NOT MY RECIPE. It comes courtesy of the New York Times online. Click here for the link.

You have enough left over to nibble on throughout the day. 

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