Copper Cookware

Making Bechamel for Pastitsio in one of my favorite copper pots.
Treasured for the stylish good looks and for best and most even heat conductivity, copper pots continue to be one of the most popular cooking utensils among professional and home cooks. Those of us who cook at home probably have stainless steel pots with copper lining the exterior--a much better price point and easier to use and maintain than true copper pots.

I remember researching which set of pots to buy and coming across a comment from someone who probably wanted the pots primarily for show. True or not, that was my assumption. She'd posted a comment which was very negative, saying the the pots "turned" as soon as she used them. Well, yes, copper will do that when you heat it. Ahem!

Which Set to Buy:
If you're looking to buy copper lined pots, here are a few options to consider:

While they are a great investment, copper pots can be expensive and they do require maintenance. I gather them all about every 3-4 months and use copper cleaner. Sometimes I use this more organic method. It requires a little more elbow grease, but it's worth it for making your kitchen investment look (almost) brand new.