Let Sleeping Girls Lie

It's right around the corner--Summer. It's that time of the year when there are children around--grandchildren, your own kids or the neighbors'. Always something to be happy about, always a little splashing and running and screaming.

Our granddaughters, Corley (9) and Olivia (5), visit about once a week. Typically drawing and swimming and searching for hidden treasures in the yard is involved.

It's not easy to get them to eat breakfast. Often, we have bananas and strawberries followed by grits and scrambled eggs. It's not typical, but nice. The only way these girls will ususally eat in the morning is if I offer them fruit, but even then there's always a bit left over. What I've been doing lately is combining small diced pieces of strawberries and bananas.

2 ripe banannas (peeled and diced)
6-8 large strawberries (tops cut off and berries diced)

Toss in a pretty bowl and place on the table.  Offer a serving spoon and smaller bowls.  Kids love to help themselves. That's it! Delicious, healthy and a breeze to prepare.