Independence Day FO(U)RTHright Recipes

Happy July Fourth! Today I usually rebel and cook something unexpected. If you're feeling a bit rebellious and independent, this is my curated list for you.

Photo by Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash

A French Salad with salmon for an easy make-ahead get-together. No hot grilling. Bring out the rose or PBR and sip and swallow leisurely.

This may just be the first salad bar in history.

An excellent side dish to prepare two to three days ahead. A Greek-style raw zucchini or cucumber salad inspired by a similar recipe by Martha Stewart.

A lentil salad that you can customize. Make it on July Fourth (lentils cook quickly) or a couple of days ahead. Hearty and flavorful enough to stand on its own.

A burger option with a Mediterranean twist. Take a look and see if this is for you and your people. Fuss-free and low-carb.

A Vegan/Vegetarian option straight from the hot Greek summers of the Mediterranean...but served as a sandwich. Curious? Try it out for an easy lunch or dinner option.

A spunky bean salad to pull together quickly. If you're that person, and you're supposed to be bringing a side to the July Fourth cookout, this is the recipe for you.

Here's a treasure trove of independent recipes to score big on Independence Day.

If you love the traditional foods, this is my list for you. Even if it's the last minute and you're feeling rushed and desperate, there's absolutely no reason for you to panic. I have easy recipes that you can pull together in a jiffy.

My post about judging barbecue, the KCBS (Kansas City Society Barbeque) way.

How about brats instead of hot dogs? No grill, do as I do, and cook them in the oven. Details here.

A good potato salad is a must at any summertime cookout, especially on the Fourth!

And, if you can't eat potatoes, how about a low-carb option using cauliflower?

Baked beans anyone? Savory, not sweet and syrupy. Are you in? Great! This will not take much time to prepare, so get a PBR ready to sip on while you cook.

And how about another cookout hit, the tangy and crunchy coleslaw!


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