Savoury Baked Beans

Are you tired of going to a barbeque and getting dessert served as a side? Me too! What am I talking about? I'm referring to all of the ultra-sweet baked bean casseroles served at a home barbeque and at many barbeque restaurants. There's so much sugar or honey or maple syrup in there, that we might just as well be chomping on a candy bar. Yes, that's how I feel. Really. 

If you're curious and want to save the excess sugar for dessert, I invite you to try my Savoury Baked Beans. Yes, there's a teeny bit of sugar in there, but just enough to balance the heat of the Rotel and tang of the mustard and barbeque sauce. And there's no baking involved!

This recipe cooks on the stove, and it's done in about thirty minutes. The video (below) shows you how it should simmer. If you'd like to jump to the recipe, click here for a printable version.

Prepare this ahead for any barbeque event, and reheat it on the stove or in the oven prior to serving. You may have to add a teeny bit of water for reheating. As the dish sits, the beans release starch, which thickens the remaining liquids. The only other side that's necessary is coleslaw. You can use your favorite recipe, you can buy it already prepared, or you can make my family's favorite recipe.


  1. Looks wonderful. I'm with you about not wanting all that sweetness. I'll definitely try this recipe. Thanks!


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