What the Freekeh!!!

I know. A bit corny, but delicious. Have you tried freekeh, the newer grain that beats all other grains (including quinoa) for the lowest glycemic level? If you don't have Celiac Disease or find that you're sensitive to wheat, this may just become your new best friend in the kitchen. Recipe, please?

Freekeh is scary to most people because they're not sure how to cook it, but rest assured, it's as easy as boiling water and following my instructions. Keep it pre-cooked in your refrigerator to use in salad, soups or to reheat as a side dish.

My recipe and easy instructions will make this your new kitchen favorite. Really! You can find the recipe here. Print it or save it as a pdf.

I source Freekeh from Marsh Hen Mill

Freekeh is wheat that is harvested young and green, then roasted and rubbed to remove the outer layer. Beloved in North Africa, Lebanon and Syria for hundreds of years, we are just learning about it here in the U.S.--what it is, the nutritional value and how to add it to a multitude of dishes. I've added it to pancakes, soup, salads, vegetable fritters and muffins.

Freekeh recipe links are below each of the following photos. If you want more, search for "freekeh" on the blog.

Brussells Sprouts Freekeh Salad Recipe

Freekeh Pancakes Recipe

Freekeh Fennel Fritters Recipe


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