Thanksgiving Recipes Curated for You

I've gathered Thanksgiving recipes for you again. I did this a few years ago with other people's recipes. It was an extremely popular post. This year I've curated a collection of my recipes. Anything that can be served at a Thanksgiving day dinner is assembled here, from starters to sweets.
With My Dewey

Thank you for your continuing support of my blog and recipes. I maintain my blog as an extension of my cook coaching and as a creative outlet. It takes many hours for each post, and I have no financial gain for my efforts, but I enjoy putting it all together in this random assembly of mostly easy and nutritious recipes. And a bigger thank you, yet, to those of you who've cooked my recipes. 

Everything but the turkey. We all know it's turkey day, and you probably have a favorite way of preparing this. What I've gathered for you is everything besides the turkey, starters, sides and sweets. From this post, I hope you will cook and enjoy something comforting and delicious this year, be it with your immediate family, a super-large chaotic crew or alone in the quiet of your first home or apartment. May your blessings continue throughout the rest of the holiday season and well into the new year.

Thanksgiving Starters
Freekeh Pumpkin Soup Never have I had such a delicious cream soup. Not only is it yummy; it is also loaded with nutrition and fiber. At the table, finish it up with one soup spoonful of good maple syrup in each bowl.
Freekeh Fennel Fritters. While this can be served as an entree for family and friends who don't eat meat, it's a wonderful starter that doesn't even have to be served hot. Accompanied with a Yogurt Kimchi Sauce, it can also be passed around on a tray as an hors d'oeuvre as your guests arrive, or you can simply set the tray on your coffee table or bar and let them help themselves.

Low-Carb Sausage Balls. I can't get enough of these spicy little bites. Make sure that the breakfast sausage is medium-hot for a little kick. Can be pulled out of the oven as guests arrive.

Aussie Sausage Rolls This is my recipe for a bite-sized version of this "down under" favorite.

Thanksgiving Sides
Cranberry Orange Pecan Relish I know, I know, even in my own family, the jiggly canned stuff is what everyone prefers and looks forward to. For the rest of us, this is an incredibly easy. make-ahead relish to liven up all of those wonderful "brown foods" on our Thanksgiving plates.

Southern Style Green Beans This is my sister-in-law's recipe. Another wonderful make-ahead recipe for a traditional side dish. No fried onions required.

Potato Salad This is my take on a traditional Southern potato salad. Ultra easy. Yes, another easy, make-ahead side. In my husband's family, turkey sits side by side with a baked ham, so potato salad has always been a staple at our big Thanksgiving gathering.

Cauliflower Potato Salad One of my husband's favorite salads, even though it's not made with potatoes!

Potatoes Dauphinoise We never have leftovers with this dish. Having a hand-held mandoline slicer speeds up the preparation. It's a carb- and fat-loaded recipe, and it's worth the splurge, every single mouthful!

Lentil Salad is one of my go-to side for just about any time of the year. It's inexpensive, it lasts a long time so it can be prepared ahead, and you can combine lentils with just about anything.

Thanksgiving Sweets
Pumpkin Spice Cake or Pumpkin Parfaits. A simple cake baked in a casserole dish gets gussied up and ends Thanksgiving dinner with flair.

Rustic Fruit Tart. This is as close as you can get to pie without having to make a crust, and as easy as opening a can of pureed pumpkin without opening a can of pureed pumpkin! Confused? Click for the recipe.


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