An Alternative Christmas Dinner

If you've grown tired of turkey and ham and all of the traditional side dishes, why not try an easy dinner that you can prepare for two, for three, for four or as a feast for many? Perhaps you find yourself with no idea what to cook. Don't stress over this. I've got a plan for you. You can cook the basics--the pork chops, polenta and mushrooms, or you can really live it up and open with my cocktail, Alexander the Great, add a second side with my Southern Style Green Beans, and finish with a spicy and comforting bang by preparing my Pumpkin Spice Cake Parfaits ahead of time. All recipes were posted earlier this week. You'll need to do a little shopping, but the cooking will be very manageable. The menu follows, but if you're just here for the recipes, click this for a printable version.

For a printable menu, scroll to the end for a link.

In today's post, I'll share how to prepare the pork chops, the polenta and mushrooms. I'll also share a plan for cooking ahead for a low-stress dinner.

The strategy requires that you bake the cake and assemble the parfaits ahead of time. It's a no-fuss cake, so it's something you can do tonight. The green beans and mushrooms can also be prepared ahead and reheated slowly in the oven. Why, even the cocktail can be prepared ahead and kept chilled in a nice glass pitcher. The pork chops and polenta will require cooking, but they come together in about thirty minutes.

For a copy of the menu, click here. For a printable file with all three recipes, click here.

Everything is assembled prior to cooking.

The mushrooms are ready.

Flipping the chops before transferring to the oven to finish cooking.

Just out of the oven.


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