Greek Salad Tomato Toast

 I'm Greek. I'm working on a cookbook about Greek family recipes. It was inevitable. 

I promise, there's a well-toasted piece of bread under there.

Over on Instagram, I've been pushing a freeform kind of creativity using the hashtag #tomatotoast as a starting point. I just wanted to inspire people to get the creative juices flowing around creating their version of a tomato toast. Toast the bread. Top it with tomatoes. The rest is up to you. It's been a lot of fun. As with anything in life, lots of interest but we're still too busy to relax and slice up a tomato. A bit of nudging has worked pretty well. 

We've had quite a variety, from the most basic, pure and clean tomato toast to the overworked or overloaded. Those were mine. I tried to build it high and it fell. Yes, we've had fried eggs and bacon topped tomato toast. There's also been tahini, ham, pickles, whipped ricotta, basil, mayonnaise, oregano, olives, feta, mashed leftover beans, anchovies AND we've had the non-conformists and the tomato-haters, but they all made a contribution. We even had a video of eating a tomato straight off the plant, but no toast. 

Among the contributors, we've had an HR specialist, a nurse practitioner, a food stylist, a maker, a nursing consultant, a chef, an author, an IT guy, an IT guru, an underwriter, a director of business development, an art director and loads of regular tomato-loving folks like you and me. Quite a variety. All good people. All found a way to put a twist on the tomato toast idea. It's been great fun!

I'm hopeful about your last-minute contribution. You know who you are. I hope you'll hurry up and assemble your tomato toast to share with us. Make sure to take a photo before you eat it!

As tomato season begins to reach its end, we're getting a few last-minute creations. Still good, still welcomed and still delicious. This "Greek Salad Tomato Toast" creation may well be my own final variation on the theme of #tomatotoast, but we'll see. I waited and waited, and no one came up with this one, so I offer to you the ingredients--or layers--for my Greek Salad Tomato Toast.
  1. Toasted olive oil-brushed sourdough bread.
  2. A layer of ricotta topped with salt, pepper, oregano, feta, olive oil.
  3. Thinly sliced red onion, green pepper and cucumber with a bit of salt.
  4. Two thick slices of two different heirloom tomatoes (Green Zebra and Chocolate Stripe)
  5. Salt, oregano, sliced Kalamata olives and extra-virgin olive oil with a bit of crumbled feta on top.
It was very good, but because I love seeded bread, I topped my tomato toast with toasted sesame seeds. I just couldn't help myself. 😁😃😄


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