Tomatoes and Waffles

Whaaaatt??? Yup. No chicken. No maple syrup. Just tomatoes and waffles. But not exactly.

This is yet another recipe for breakfast that uses my Sweet Tomato Preserves. It's not the South's famous Chicken and Waffles, but it's definitely worth investing a little time in for a Sunday brunch. Inspiration for this waffle-like dish, once again, can be attributed to my #tomatotoast challenge on Instagram. 

That's not ice-cream you see. That's a scoop of creamy, naturally sweet ricotta dusted
with powdered sugar and topped with a sprinkling of fresh oregano and toasted sesame seeds.

While this creation appears to be a waffle, it's actually a stuffed waffle, which is really two slices of bread stuffed with the tomato preserves. It's remarkably satisfying and much easier than mixing up a waffle batter. The ingredients only are listed. No quantities. This is so easy that I've added it to my no recipe recipe files.

When you look at the list of ingredients, you'll notice something that seems out of place. Yes, it's the oregano. Of course, you can omit it. I like it because it adds a savory note to the sweetness of the preserves. You may want to try it once and decide for yourself. It may surprise you.

Here's what you'll need. The quantities are entirely up to you, but the photos will guide you.

  • White bread
  • Brown butter 
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • Sweet Tomato Preserves (link to my recipe)
  • Fresh oregano leaves (can substitute with dried oregano rubbed between your hands)
  • Full fat milk ricotta
  • Powdered sugar
White bread slices brushed with browned butter and sprinkled with sesame

The bread goes on a preheated waffle pan. One slice, buttered side down.
Tomato preserves on top then other slice of bread with the buttered side up. 

Toasted sesame can be made ahead. Place in a non-stick pan over high heat
and stir with a wooden spoon until the sesame seeds begin to brown. Remove from the heat
stir and allow to cool in the pan. The toasting process will continue until the pan is cool.
Depending on your waffle iron, the waffled bread will take between
three and five minutes. Pay attention to your nose. It always knows when something's ready.

Cut into quarters.

Dress with a scoop or spoonful of the ricotta. Sprinkle everything with
extra sesame, a few chopped oregano leaves and powdered sugar


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