GrecoSoCo Briam & Grits

I continue this GrecoSoCo food journey with my Southern husband, Dewey, looking for ways to blend my traditional Greek cooking culture with his. This is my latest innovation. 

Living in the South for over forty years, I've learned a few things about traditional Southern cooking. Shrimp & Grits is beautiful in its collaboration with simplicity and locally sourced wild shrimp. But I have friends who follow vegetarian and vegan diets, so I wanted to find a way to share a meal with them that might be similar to shrimp and grits. Back in 2022, I developed a Shrimp & Grits-style recipe that satisfied vegetarians and omnivores. Today, I'm sharing another recipe for my vegetarian friends, Briam & Grits. To make this recipe vegan, replace the dairy in the grits with your preferred plant milk or water. Here's the recipe in printable format.

I love Briam, the Greek version of Ratatouille! I eat it hot, straight-out-of-the-fridge-cold and warm-ish. Usually, Briam is served with lots of bread for dipping into the nutritious pan juices. Today I used the same pan goodness over Dixie Ice-Cream grits from Nora Mill Granary located in Helen, Georgia. The grits were the star of the show. I put a generous layer of Briam in the bottom of the bowl, an equally generous amount of grits on top, and then I ladled that delicious essence of the community of roasted vegetables over the grits. Learn how you can do it by printing or downloading my recipe.


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