French Country-Style Chicken

This is a dish that I created during my restaurant days. It was a popular entree and it was easy-breezy to prepare and serve. We cooked the chicken with large wedges of Russet potatoes and topped it with some of the pan sauce. Today, I'm sharing this recipe with you. Feel free to cut it in half as it will feed six to ten people. In my home kitchen, we often cook for a large family, and we do like to have leftovers for lunches or to reheat for a quick dinner. Here's the recipe in printable format.

I'm not French, but I developed this recipe as a rustic French-style dinner to serve over mashed potatoes at home. Inspired by my love of Greek village cooking and the simple cuisine of the French countryside, this makes for an easy one-pan weeknight dinner. Just add a few potato wedges or a bag of pre-washed baby potatoes to the pan, toss everything and there's dinner!

When we have our pasta-loving family visiting, we usually serve the chicken and sauce over pasta tossed in a good Parmesan cheese. Put the cheesy pasta on a large platter or bowl, top with the sauce, then the chicken and finish with freshly chopped parsley. An Instagram-worthy dish for a family dinner! Here's my recipe.

We like to use chicken legs.

For a large gathering, serve everything right out of the pan. Add sliced toasted French bread, set up everything buffet-style, and let your guests serve themselves. This is one of the most economical and easy-to-prepare crowd-pleasers. Print the recipe and give it a go!


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