Super Delicious and Super Easy!


Yes, just like Superman and Wonder Woman, this dish can save the day with its ease of preparation, simple cooking method and easy availability of ingredients at just about any grocery store. It's my GrecoSoCo Easy Sheet Pan Dinner. Everything goes onto a sheet pan or larger baking dish. Roasted in the oven, and within an hour, there's dinner. Here's my recipe in printable format.

The bonus is that when you shape the meatballs, half go into the freezer for an easier dinner on another busy weeknight! You only have to remember to remove the meatballs from the freezer in time for them to thaw properly. Can it be easier? Yes, of course. If you can find someone to prepare this for you while you relax with a newspaper and glass of wine, but I can't make that happen. This part is entirely up to you.

The potatoes. You can experiment, but the best results come from using large baking potatoes. Yes, I peel the carrots. You don't have to, but be sure to scrub them properly first.

What makes this GrecoSoCo? The inspiration comes from a typical Greek dinner--Biftekia Me Patates. Instead of meatballs, we use hamburger-like patties and potatoes, then toss everything in the standard lemon juice/olive oil mix. I have simplified the preparations, added carrots and seasoned everything more "gently" to ensure pleasure for a variety of Western palates. The preparation also moves along rather effortlessly. And if you want to "Greek it up," add a chunk of Feta cheese to your plate, as I always do. Here's my recipe.

Serve this as is, straight out of the pan. Add a simple green salad, and you've got everything you need for dinner. If you're interested, I'm sharing a bonus recipe next week--a side dish of roasted onions that would pair up very nicely with today's recipe. Onions are incredibly sweet when roasted. 


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