The Easiest Appetizer for Al-Fresco Dining

Yes, absolutely. It's as easy as grabbing two hot Italian sausage links, removing the casing, shaping the ground meat into meatballs and cooking in a non-stick pan! When they come out of the pan, hit them with grated Parmesan cheese, gather up the wine glasses and head to the patio. You can add pistachios and a few cheese slices to round things out, but you can also keep it super simple with the meatballs only.

If you're dining al-fresco, and who wouldn't want to at this time of the year, this is an easy appetizer for grabbing and taking outside with your drink of choice. It's gorgeous out there on your deck or patio. Hey, any grassy patch with chairs will do. We're enjoying our new patio until it gets too cold to do so, and then we're still going to enjoy it around the fire pit.

Did you miss the recipe? It's in the introduction! I'll put it here too.

  1. Grab a couple of hot Italian sausage links
  2. Remove the casing
  3. Shape the ground meat into small meatballs
  4. Cook in a non-stick pan over medium-high heat
  5. Serve the meatballs in a bowl or plate. Dust them with grated Parmesan cheese.
  6. Use more links if you have more people.
  7. Was that easy enough?
Technically, these are hors d'oeuvres, but
we'll call the appetizers just to keep things simple

So good with your favorite cocktail, but wine or beer will be just as good.

Make more. If you have more people with you, use four links or more


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