Fava Board for Entertaining

I say, Ban the butter boards! Yes, and let's replace them with a tastier and more creative option. Let's start the Greek-style fava board movement! 

My FAVA BOARD WITH GREEK SALAD in all its glory.
Fava is a dip made by cooking yellow split peas and pureeing with lemon juice and olive oil. Famous on the Greek island of Santorini where it is served very simply, topped with a few capers or sliced red onion, a generous drizzle of olive oil, and lemons on the side. Bread or pita is used to scoop the fava.

My fava board uses fava dip that is cold or room temperature. The salad is added without dressing, and olive oil is drizzled on top. Extra lemons are used to squeeze over the fava when used without the salad. That's the traditional way--extra lemon juice and olive oil. If you're uncomfortable using a wooden board, try bamboo (higher density than wood) or a large white platter onto which you can spread the fava and toppings.

More information about the Greek Fava Dip can be found in this link to a 2020 post. In that post, there are ideas for different toppings and combinations, as well as a recipe.

My table of fava boards for my last birthday.

On my last birthday, I invited a large group of friends and family. I kept things simple--self-serve soup and stew for the meal in my kitchen, and a table of fava boards in the garage. This was easy entertaining. Drinks were in the garage also. Guests could get a drink and socialize around the fava boards. If anyone dropped fava on the floor, hey, we were in the garage, so no problem!

I used a plastic-coated tablecloth on a sturdy table and cleaned it thoroughly. About thirty minutes before party time, I brought out the boards and assembled everything. A friend placed small battery-powered candles on the table, and everyone had a blast!

One board with feta. Another board without cheese for my vegan friends. Sweet peppers served as scoops for my gluten-free folks, and bread and pita for everyone else. Easy entertaining outside. Perfect for backyard entertaining or an effortless cocktail party on your balcony, porch, or deck. Add a few meatballs and stuffed grape leaves and you have a Greek Mezze party.


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