We Found Mars

Fish Fry good eats at Mars Resort Supper Club

Yes, folks, we found Mars. Mars Resort in Wisconsin, that is. The Mars Supper Club in operation since 1923 and still serving the traditional Fish Fry supper every Wednesday and Friday. And it was everything that we had hoped it would be, representing the Supper Club culture of the state perfectly.

Yes, we found Mars on a Wednesday afternoon in Wisconsin.
Supper Clubs have been around since Prohibition when they served as a cover for the Speakeasy drinking, dancing and entertainment communities. In Wisconsin, they are a mom-and-pop type of establishment, traditionally serving only supper. Everything I've read points to a Brandy Old Fashioned as the popular drink of supper clubs, along with a relish tray that was as quintessential as the complimentary rolls and butter of most family restaurants today.

Walleye, along with pike and bluegill, is the traditional fish of the popular Friday Fish Fry events of supper clubs throughout Wisconsin. Dewey had heard for many years that Walleye was the best lake-caught fish of all, so we wanted to try it. We are staying in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, this week, visiting my cousin Soula and her husband, Chris. The Mars Resort supper club at nearby Lake Como was recommended to us for the Wednesday and Friday fish fry, so off we went searching for Mars.
My traditional Brandy Old Fashioned made with Christian Brothers
brandy, Cherry Bark bitters and Luxardo cherries was fabulous!

I am excited to report that my brandy Old Fashioned and fried walleye were every bit as delicious as I had hoped from reading about the supper club and fish fry traditions. Although my Wisconsin-born friend, John Boyajian, recommended that I have the Walleye grilled or baked only, I can honestly say that the delicate sweet flavor of this beloved fish still stole my heart. It was only offered fried at the Mars Resort, but obviously, I was not disappointed. The breading was very crunchy but ever-so light and the huge filet that I was served had been fried expertly! It was hot and flaky and sweet and swoon-worthy eating. The traditional sides for a fish fry at Mars are potato pancakes or corn fritters served with pancake syrup. I'm all for authenticity, but after tasting that walleye, I couldn't bring myself to use syrup, but a sip of my drink here and there complemented my mouthful of fish perfectly.

Want to watch a short video about the Supper Clubs of Wisconsin? Click below.

Wisconsin Supper Clubs An Old Fashioned Experience from Ron Faiola on Vimeo.


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