Spinach Quiche Puff Soufflé Thingy

If I'd said it out loud, you would have turned your head, right? Spinach Quiche Puff Souffle Thingy. That's right! We know the classic quiche makes for an easy breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner. Paired with a green salad, it's full of nutrition and pleasing savory flavor. We also know the classic souffle, which almost no busy person ever makes. We're all too scared of the potential failure. Oh, no, my souffle didn't rise! Oh, not, the souffle sank before I got it to the table! If you'd prefer my easy Puffy Thingy recipe right now, click here. If you want to know more, scroll down.

The souffle of Southern Cooking is a little bit different from the French classic, but it's a classic of the Southern kitchen and can be found in many church and community cookbooks. It's called a souffle, but it's a casserole that puffs up in the oven and settles down once you move it to the counter or table for serving. It's light and airy, but no one expects it to look like a dreamy cloud forever. We're just a bit more relaxed and forgiving with our souffle in the South.

My version of these classics is what I like to call a Puffy Thingy. It's just like a quice in that it uses eggs and milk or cream and you precook the filling, but it puffs up in the oven the way that the Southern souffle casseroles do, which is why I call it Puffy Thingy. And the name, while a tad clumsy sounding, is quite memorable. Take it to the next pot luck dinner or bring-a-dish-to-share buffet. Then watch everyone's reactions when they ask you what your dish is and you say, Puffy Thingy.

Low-Carb and Keto friendly is my way, but you can swap out the cream for milk or your favorite vegan version of milk and cheese.

For a printable recipe, click here.

A visual of the cooking method follows.

Cook the onions until softened.

Add all of the spinach and toss with tongs.

Cook spinach and onions until tender.

Push the spinach to the outside and cook down the liquid.

Once the spinach liquid is cooked off, set the pan aside. Your mixture must
cool down before you add it to the eggs and cream.


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