Hello, friends! A quick note to update you on the subscription service that I've been using and what you'll need to do if you wish to continue getting a notice when there's a new post on the blog.

If you wish to continue getting an email with each new post on the blog, please send an email to Include your first name and email address.

THIS IS THE ONLY IMPORTANT BIT OF INFORMATION IN THIS POST (see previous sentence), but if you wish to read something unimportant, read on.

I love technology. Yes, but! 

I love change. No, unless I create it.

Google gave me plenty of notice to follow instructions to do what needed to be done, but I waited. Eventually, I tried to follow the instructions to transfer your information to a new subscription service, but...that technology was in a bit of a mess. So I called on my friend WonderKEITH! He said, "Whoa!"

Then he said, "It's a little dark and stormy in here. If you can remember a password you had in the Dark Ages, we may just be able to figure out how to do this." Of course, as one might expect, I let go of the Dark Ages a long, long time ago, so, no, I couldn't remember that particular password. SIGH.

And now I'm asking you to forgive me and send me your email one more time. I promise to get my fraying edges tidied up and make your updates smooth and beautiful. Amen!


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