Onion-haters, brace yourselves. Once you've tasted my super simple roasted onions, you'll wonder what you've been fussing about for so long. Here's the recipe.

You like sugar, but not onions? Wait until you taste these! You'll love how tender they are, and how sweet and delicious. There's no sugar in the recipe, but the roasting process brings out the sugars found naturally in the onions. We don't add sugar, just a little salt, pepper, thyme and olive oil. That's it! Want the recipe? Click here.

The cooking time is rather short, the prep goes quickly and the cooked onions can be served hot or cold, which means that this is one side dish that you can prepare ahead of time. Serve them as a side dish, add them to grilled burgers, Bahn-mi sandwiches and just about anything that could use a little sweet touch. My Dewey and I often eat them as a snack--just like candy, but better.

Line the pan with foil for easy cleanup.


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