G, B and D--a Transformation

GOLDEN, BROWN and DELICIOUS! That's the transformation that takes place in your oven when you roast something--chicken, beef, pork, vegetables and even seafood. Today's recipe is all about the vegetables, specifically the lost vegetables. Curious? I'll explain. Here just for the recipe? Click here.

The lost vegetables are bits of this and bits of that in your refrigerator drawer that you don't know what to do with. The easiest thing is usually to add a chopped onion and some beef or chicken stock, toss in a little rice or pasta and your peeled and diced vegetables. Magic! A delicious and comforting soup. Sometimes, however, you're not in the mood for a spoon--you want a forkful of something that feels a little different in your mouth. GB and D to the rescue! You'll find the recipe here.

This is what I had: golden beets, carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, fennel, onions, garlic and one orange.

This is what I did--->Find the recipe here. I found a delicious and harmonious combination, and it's a recipe that will make your Thanksgiving day table so healthy and delicious. And don't be afraid to add a few Brussels sprouts into this mix. I used the fennel stalks--they're not edible (too stringy and chewy) but they added more flavor. The fennel fronds (the feathery greens at the end of the bulb) I washed and chopped roughly to add at serving time for a touch of freshness and a pop of color--fresh green on top of browns and golds and oranges. If your fennel doesn't have fronds, use thinly sliced green onions or Italian parsley.


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