Naked Dumpling Soup

Some people sunbathe naked. Some read Naked. I like to eat naked. Okay, okay! A little context. Yes, some people do lie naked in the sun. But, those who read naked are reading a memoir by David Sedaris entitled, Naked. Me? I like to eat naked Chinese dumplings...or pot stickers...or whatever they are really called in Cantonese or Mandarin or ... Actually, they're called Jiao-zi (and a long list of other names).

I love dumplings! Fried, steamed, however. Soup dumplings are the best! But, I am living a low-carb life, so I only have them as a treat occasionally. But my desire for tasty dumplings does not subside for long, so how can I have my dumplings and still honor my commitment to low sugar and starch consumption? Read on. Or...just click here for a printable recipe.

Naked dumplings! And what can I do to make this a complete meal? Add vegetables, of course! I present to you, Naked Dumpling Soup with Oyster Mushrooms & Baby Bok Choy. And here's the recipe,

For a printable recipe, click here.


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