Charred Wedgies!

No, no! I meant Charred WEDGES, as in cabbage wedges. But, I think the title got your attention, yes? So, if you're here for the Wedgies or Wedges recipe, click here.

In the United Kingdom, Hispi Cabbage, a type of conical-shaped variety with looser leaves, is extremely popular. The leaves are more tender than our standard cabbage, thus requiring less cooking time. I was fortunate to be in the U.K. recently, specifically in a pub in London, and I ordered a steak pie with a charred Hispi cabbage wedge. Back home, I was curious, so I had to create my version using the type of cabbage available to me. Want the recipe now? Click here.

Charred cabbage wedges are easy to prepare, and require very little prep work. Remove the outer layers of leaves, trim off the end of the core, cut into small wedges, season and sear in a hot cast iron skillet or one that has a heavy and thick bottom. Flip once, add water, cover and continue cooking until tender. Serve hot or put on a platter to serve warm or at room temperature with a bit of broiled pork. Curious? Keep reading

The fresh and colorful dressing for serving over the cabbage

Pair your wedges with pork, specifically pork steaks. Yes, such a cut exists. It is typically cut from a pork shoulder or Boston Butt. The easiest way to cook these steaks is to use your broiler pan. See an earlier post for other ideas. Remove the top part of the broiler, set the steaks in the broiler pan and season. I like salt, pepper, oregano and olive oil. The oil will help the quick browning of the steaks. Massage everything with your hands, and slide the top of the pan back onto the broiler pan as you move the steaks to the top.

I like to score one side of the steaks, season with salt, pepper, maybe oregano, and olive oil.

Wedgies or Wedges? Have fun with what you call my cabbage recipe, and play around with it to make it your own. Add a little heat, use your favorite season, finish with a light drizzle of sweet barbeque sauce. 


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