Final Freekeh Friday Recipe...Finally!

Yes, I realize that I may have fed you a few too many freekeh recipes, but, OMG, they have been so delicious! I promise to use other ingredients in future recipe posting, at least for a respectable period of time. 

Finally! It's FREEKEH PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE MUFFIN time! Sorry, couldn't let the pumpkin spice latte season go by without at least one recipe using all the seasonally appropriate spices, but in muffin form and with added nutrition and fiber. Hello! We are health-conscious here!

So, where's the recipe already? Okay, here you go. Recipe in printable format. And that's all for today, except for this rant. See below.

I don't drink these pumpkin spice drinks because they are incredibly sweet, so for all of you who LOVE these sweet drinks, you may want to add a little more sugar to this recipe. Go ahead, you are going to be eating these muffins, and who's looking, right? BUT, a word of caution. If muffins taste like cake (which is meant to be sweet) how will you be able to taste the difference, and how will you know that it's a special occasion? Muffin=healthy breakfast or snack. Cake=treat for birthdays, weddings, retirement, etc.


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