GREEK Goddess Dressing and More

NOT A TYPO. I wanted to make my mark with a salad dressing, so I took inspiration from the justly famous Green Goddess dressing and turned it GREEK! It's still green, but now it's also Greek. To be clear,  this is in no way a traditional Greek recipe. This is a new recipe  inspired by traditional Greek flavors,  but the recipe certainly honors those flavors and ingredients. 

Can Green Goddess dressing be transformed to GREEK GODDESS?

Greeks love greens! What an easy transition, then, from a tarragon-flavored dressing to an entirely Greek one. I worked on it and came up with an authentic traditional Greek taste. But then I felt challenged to create a unique salad to drizzle this new deliciousness onto. Now what would that be? I thought of my love for a good wedge salad, and that set me on a Greek vs. English word exchange. Wedge made me think about shapes, which made me think about geometry, which reminded me that geometry is a Greek invention, which made me wonder if I could cut the iceberg lettuce in a shape other than a wedge. A Greek shape. The result is my FETA salad. Want the recipe for both? Click here.

Feta salad? Confused? Let me clarify. In the Greek language, FETA means slice. Yes, that's what we call the iconic white sheep milk cheese, but mostly because it's cut into a large slice (or feta) --a thick one, a slab. That's when I realized that, instead of a wedge, I could cut my iceberg lettuce into a slice, a slab, a feta! The rest came naturally. This is how I made the dressing (video). Click here for the recipe.

The Feta Salad is a feta/slice of iceberg lettuce topped with typical Greek ingredients such as diced tomatoes, red onion, Kalamata olives and Feta, the cheese.


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