Tiny Tarts. Greek Flavors.

What takes thirty minutes to prepare? What's simply delicious? What would make Ina Garten happy? What's a great addition to a charcuterie board with cocktails? Want me to keep going? No? Just one more! What's an easy addition to a beautiful green salad and sliced fruit for an elegant lunch? Click here for a printable recipe, or read on.

What's so great about such a simple tart? A rich custard, Greek flavors and a shortcut crust (instead of a shortcrust pastry) all make for a quick quiche-like handheld for your next cocktail party. Served warm or completely cooled so that there's no cooking during that important time when you need to be answering the door and welcoming friends. These tasty tarts are surprisingly delicious even straight from the fridge, but they do reheat beautifully, so if you're a super-planner, plan to cook them in the morning (or even the night before) and reheat 15 minutes before your guests arrive.
What makes these tarts Greek? Glad you asked. This is not a traditional Greek recipe, but I've taken most of the recognizable flavors of Greek cooking (tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, Feta, Kalamata ollives) and combined them in a tart


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